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6 Ways to Appetite-Control Strategies Every Day

Six Ways to Control Appetite Every Day 

- Whatever way we can cut down our portion sizes and control appetite is really a way to calorie reduction, and thus provides us a greater shot at losing body fat. It seems like it may be a losing battle, since, from the moment we grow hungry, the body sends out ghrelin, the hunger hormone to make us eat. Science informs us that our stomach is not naturally programmed to be anti-diet, but when it senses that food is in short supply it’s programmed to get us to eat. The goal will be to deceive it to believe the situation is not so dire.

A Few Psychological things We Can Through in for Weight Control

1. Don’t see the things you want to eat

- For much of the world, food is so prevalent that it is readily available to us on a continual basis.  Usually, these are not fruits and vegetables we keep around, but unhealthy snack items which are much easier to pick up and devour when we feel hunger pangs rolling in.  Accordingly, if we keep those things in places that are not convenient or never in the house at all, we are more likely to turn to anything that becomes accessible.  Make that a banana, apple or additional fruit, or whatever your favorite healthy snack item is.

2. Eat more lean protein

- We all know that it keeps you feeling fuller for a longer time, as it takes longer to absorb and digest.  But a recent study also discovered that it keeps you satisfied longer if consumed at an earlier time during the day.  Consequently, always plan for lean protein to be included in breakfast.

3. Include more fiber to your diet

- Like protein, fiber is one more healthy filler food.
Vegetables and whole grains remain excellent sources, as will be several more we discuss on our website.

4. Whenever you eat, keep your focus on your food

- Studies have revealed that people eat more if they unconsciously devour it, rather than taking time to appreciate it.
We have probably all had the familiarity eating mass quantities of popcorn while watching a movie, and we wonder when we were done where all the popcorn went.  Be aware of the things you eat.

5. Smelling specific foods

- This will seem surprising because we always believed that smelling foods triggers our hunger. However, a study found the smell of certain foods results in appetite lessening, and by surprisingly large amounts.  The test used peppermint scent every two hours, and folks involved consumed an average of 2700 calories a week less than normal.  Other scents that have similar effects are green apple, banana, and vanilla.

6. Dine with chopsticks

- It makes you eat slower, and it has been found that you can save roughly 70 calories by eating a meal in a one-half hour versus ten minutes.  Personally, if I ate using chopsticks all the time I would hardly eat any food.



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