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Fruits For Weight Loss : best Diet to Lose Weight With 9 Fruit

Fruits For Weight Loss

- Diet to Lose Weight With Fruit
Many people know fruits are good for their health, but what fruits are best for your diet to lose weight! In this article, we will show 9 best fruits for your diet to lose weight!Fruits that are high in fiber, vitamin C, will be the best choice for your diet to lose weight. To choose the fruit can help you lose weight, you should pay attention to the number of calories in fruit

1- Plums in the diet to lose weight

  • calories 36 calories / 100 grams
  • of Plums is an acidic fruit. When you often eat a plum, Acid in plum can enhance the activity of the stomach and intestines. Lack of acid will cause the phenomenon of bloating, constipation.You should eat plums regularly for a healthy body and good energy consumption.Recommended: Don’t eat too much in a short time, It will not be good for your stomach.

2- Blueberry fruit in the diet to lose weight

  • Calories: 56 calories / 100 grams
  • This is one of the best fruits for the body. Blueberry has high levels of vitamin C. Research shows that antioxidants in blueberries are highest in fruits. It is the ideal food for your diet to lose weight.

3- Watermelon is the diet to lose weight

  • Calories: 34 calories / 100 grams
  • Watermelon is a very delicious fruit but have low energy. This fruit is rich in cellulose, can help you increase satiety and so that you can reduce the amount of food you eat. In addition, watermelon, rich in vitamin C, help you speed up fat burning.

4- Oranges in the diet to lose weight

  • Calories: 43 calories / 100 grams
  • Talking about fruits for a diet to lose weight, you can’t miss orange. It can help you balance the pH in the body, improves digestion, metabolism, and excretion system. You also know the causes of obesity and gastrointestinal disorders is due to the accumulation of waste, toxins, and fat. Therefore, you select the orange is one of the great fruits to lose weight.However, you should not eat when hungry, because oranges contain organic acids stimulate gastric mucosa, eat when hungry not good for your stomach and your health.

5- Cherries in the diet to lose weight

  • Calories: 46 calories / 100 grams
  • Cherries contain anthocyanins that can help you reduce uric acid in the body and is a healthy weight loss fruit. In addition, cherries are delicious, low-calorie fruit and high antioxidant capacity. So, add cherries to your daily diet, will help you a lot in burning fat problems. I have ever talked about it in diets for quick weight loss

6- Figs in the diet to lose weight

  • Calories: 59 calories / 100 grams
  • Few people think figs can help you lose weight and great for the body, according to research figs contain a lot of protein, carbohydrate, and citric acid and other nutrients that the body can easily absorb. In addition, figs also contain high levels of hormones, making it easy to digest. Therefore, Figs help you not only lose weight but also very good for the body as a laxative, treat inflammation, headache, …

7- Grapefruit in the diet to lose weight

  • Calories: 40 calories / 100 grams
  • Grapefruit is rich in pectin components, can reduce LDL cholesterol, maintain blood vessel function, prevent heart disease, and can help you lose weight and maintain a healthy weight. Studies show that eating two grapefruit a day can achieve better weight loss results.

8- Apples in the diet to lose weight

  • Calories: 52 calories / 100 grams
  • Apples are considered a panacea to help you in losing weight. Apples help you excrete waste, helps the kidneys function well, the fruit is ideal to detoxify, body purification. Also, eating an apple a day is not only healthy, but it also contains acid to help you speed to burn excess fat.

9- Apricots in the diet to lose weight

  • Calories: 36 calories / 100 grams
  • Apricots contain a lot of calcium, vitamins, carotenoids,  and fiber… and other nutrients necessary but not fat. Particularly vitamin C in apricots will help you speed up fat burning and help you lose weight is very useful.



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