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weight loss: 8 Effective Drinks That Burning Fats

8 Effective Drinks That Burning Fats

- Overweight is a common problem for a lot of people all over the world both men and women alike. People have been trying all possible methods to lose weight and, new ideas are always coming up to help burn fat. Nutritionists all over the world are searching for solutions daily and give useful tips that help. One of the ways of burning excess fat is by drinking fluids that help boost metabolism. This article is going to highlight the 7 effective drinks that burning fats based on numerous tests and experiments carried over time.

1- Ice Cold Water

- Yes, one of the most effective drinks to lose weight is the one that is readily available. Drinking ice-cold water frequently burns about 100 calories daily, how so? The body has to heat the water to normal body temperature thus has to burn fat for it to achieve the optimum temperature. This method can help an individual lose up to 10 lbs in a year because;

  • Taking water before eating a meal makes a person eat less
  • Thirsty can trick someone to thinking they are hungry thus water curbs appetite
  • Water allows the liver to burn more calories

2- Green Tea

- Drinking at least 3 cups of green tea daily can burn between 35 – 43% more fat, this is because it contains caffeine that increases body metabolism and contains antioxidants. This tea also has an additional benefit of flushing out toxins thus act as a purifying agent.

3- Vegetable Juice

- Slicing up preferred vegetables, putting them in a blender then drinking the juice can help burn about 135 calories from each meal, studies by Pennsylvania University proved. This method is more effective when done before eating.

4- Skimmed / Fat-Free Milk

  • It is a common assumption that one shouldn’t drink milk while trying to lose weight but milk contains calcium that is an essential ingredient in the fat-burning process. Calcium reduces the effects of calcitriol which is a hormone that aids in building up fats. Calcium also suppresses one’s appetite.
  • Yogurt based smoothies are also applicable here since they contain calcium hence help lose 61% more fat and 81% more on belly fat – Prof. Michael Zemel, Tennessee University.

5- Jillian Michael Drink

- Over a million people from Europe and the USA have proved the effectiveness of this drink; it eliminates excess water from the water leading to a flatter belly. The Jillian Michael drink is prepared by mixing;

  • 60 ounces of distilled water
  • 1 tablespoon of sugar
  • 1 tablespoon cranberry juice
  • A pack of dandelion root tea
  • Drink about 60 oz per week for this method to work efficiently.

6- Raspberry Drink

- Raspberries are filled with antioxidants. A mixture of cups of raspberry, 45 ml of coconut milk, and 2 tablespoons of honey, cinnamon, and water can help boost metabolism. A lot of recipes are available on the various combinations a person can mix with raspberries

7- Kiwi and Pineapple Juice

- This is another recipe that has been proved to work miracles. Taking it for at least 15 days while sticking to particular diet plans and exercising can burn up to 20 pounds. The recipe is made by blending 5 slices of pineapple with 2 pieces of kiwi without sugar and use as an alternative to lunch.

8- Black Coffee

  • It is a known fact that black coffee if taken in moderation has a number of health benefits. A cup of coffee packs a lot of antioxidants that help in burning fat and also lower the risk of diabetes, certain types of cancer, and heart disease. The caffeine in black coffee is perfect for boosting metabolism although, for this drink to work, it must be consumed without sugar or any sweeteners as they may increase the calorie count.
  • For effective weight loss, one should experiment with more than one of the 8 effective drinks that burn fats accompanied by strict adherence to diet and regular exercises.


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